Best Tv Shows and Movies Online 2021

Best Tv Shows and Movies Online 2021

Best Tv Shows and Movies Online 2021
Best Tv Shows and Movies Online 2021

Binge-watching these days is the new normal. This is more in trend after the Covid wave. People these days are drooling over new classic shows over OTT  platforms. Most of the content on these platforms are pure classics and so addictive that people even watch complete season in one go.

We are now not dependent on slow internet, and DVD players or lousy TV sets to satisfy binge-watch cravings. We here serve you the top end shows, and movies available online which will sort your options and entertain you to the fullest. 

The Wilds – Amazon Prime

In light of the series “The Wilds”, the show is a pretty interesting one. The story revolves around a group of teenage girls who get stuck on an island. Furthermore, this island is deserted. The girls come from different backgrounds. As a matter of fact, have to put aside their differences and survive. Moreover, in this task, they learn about themselves as well.

The Boys – Amazon Prime

This superhero series is set out in a world where there are heroes with super-powers. Correspondingly, these many heroes are not what they seem to be according to the way they act. To the contrary, these people are anti-heroes. They have no business in saving the world and run corporates to make huge profits. On the contrary, they have shady lives and indulge themselves in sexual activities. This is one of the Best Tv Shows Online.

A Very English Scandal – Amazon Prime

Even though the UK parliament is one of the most respected globally, this show tells us about one of the heinous sex scandals there. A member of the parliament wants to kill his ex-lover in this regards.   Coupled with murder planning and court trials as well as media scrutiny, this show is a must-watch.

Homecoming – Amazon Prime

In the first place, this show started well with Season 1. It takes you to the inside of an Army rehabilitation centre which are run by shady owners. The plot reveals the conspiracies and what the Army rehabilitation centre was really made up for.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel – Amazon Prime

If you are a comedy buff, this is the movie you should look out for. Furthermore, this series clearly justifies the fact of age being just a number to achieve your dreams. The story portrays a 50-year-old Jewish housewife who becomes a standup comedian. Not to mention the solid punches and sarcasm to lift your spirits.

Catastrophe – Amazon Prime

The story revolves around the lives of two messy and chaos creating a couple. This show is basically a rom-com. Londoner Sharon and Bostonian Rob have ONS and stay for a week resulting in Rob getting pregnant. Although they are unaware of each other’s habits, they move in together. Secondly, this rom-com covers age, stigmas around sex, thirdly parenting, fourthly marriage, and closure it with love.

Stranger Things – Netflix

As a matter of fact, the Best Tv Shows Online list wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning this series.  In a parallel world dimension, the story sets itself up with the disappearance of a boy. El is born out of scientific experiments. Her powers(supernatural) to fight away the monsters of the parallel universe. 

House of Cards – Netflix

This show is a must-watch if you like backstabbing and conspiracy stories set out in the US’s modern world. A majority selects a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district to “The House”.  He is given the post of Secretary of State due to certain backstabbing games. This story has six seasons and an exciting story of Frank acts of revenge for this behaviour and giving a blow to everyone who deserved it.

Money Heist – Netflix

This is a Spanish show based on the life of a mastermind(professor) who plans up a robbery at the mint of Spain and another in the royal bank of Spain. Both being very risky, he hires a team of eight more people who have nothing to loose in their life but are experts in their work. What follows in this show is a treat to watch.

Bodyguard – Netflix

The story revolves around a war veteran who served during the Afghanistan war and suffered from POCD who is given the duty to protect the Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). This show has amazing ups and downs with one of the best fast-paced stories.

Narcos – Netflix

Pablo Escobar, the drug lord in Columbia, is the main story character of this plot. Although this story is sighted with Pablo’s ups and downs, this is an insight into the life and gang stories narrated by an officer who looked after the whole case. Guns, drugs, money and lavish lifestyles dig deep into the investigation details and show how the kingpin managed to survive and make his own way. 

The Best Movies Online these days are:

Tenet – Amazon Prime

Directed by Christopher Nolan, this is one of the Best Movies Online. This movie sets John David Washington(the protagonist) with the mission to save the world with just one word to decode: “TENET”. Furthermore, this uses the concept of TIME INVERSION to create the X factor.

Wonder Woman 1984 – HBO max

Wonder Woman was previously Diana, princess of the Amazons. She got her training to be a great worrier. Next up, she meets with an American pilot on the island who tells her about the war in the outside world. Then she leaves her home and helps them win the war. Furthermore, she discovers her true powers and destiny as a superhero.

Parasite – Amazon Prime / Hulu

The parasite was the best film of 2019 at the Cannes Film festival. It was an award winner for many more categories. The movie is based on two families’ lives for the audience to discover later as to who was the parasite.

Joker – HBO max / Amazon Prime/ Youtube

The journey of a common man Arthur Fleck after discovering his disease can’t stop laughing and that his laughter was out of control. He faces the cruel world to be tortured enough to merge as one of the greatest villains Gotham city had ever seen- JOKER. The performance of this movie has been incredible.  You can view it online on

The Wolf of Wall Street – Amazon Prime

It starts with Jordan Belfort taking an entry-level job at wall street brokerage firm to form his own company called Stratton Oakmont. Then as the story commences, Jordan makes great fortune to discover that he intentionally used all the wrong ways to get rich. In conclusion, the story ends with him being subject to deal with FBI and other related agencies.

After – Netflix

The movie shows a girl who is a great student, an amazing daughter and a loyal lover to her high school boyfriend. She meets a rebel guy in college who takes her through what she has missed her entire life. He helps her unpack a whole new dimension of her.

Swallow – Amazon Prime / Hulu

A housewife with a perfect marriage develops a disorder to eat in-edible things.


Although it isn’t possible to list out the Best Tv Shows Online, we have made a small effort to find out the best for you. Binge-watching is a great way to de-stress, but we shouldn’t prioritize it over important activities.
 Once it becomes an addiction, it becomes pretty hard to stop as the brain needs more content to make up for. It disrupts the sleep cycle as well. So, when watching such stuff regularly, we must keep in mind that “excess of everything is bad”.

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