Best food delivery applications in the World 2021

Best Food Delivery Applications in The World 2021

Best food delivery applications in the World 2021
Best food delivery applications in the World

The food industry is a trillion-dollar business with expansions all over the world. In the same way, as the food delivery business covers only a fraction of the market. Hence the major profit-making companies have started with their own mobile applications. The best food delivery applications help in bridging the gap between the restaurant and the final consumer. Sooner or later, the business is growing by leaps and bounds.

How do they work?

In this case, the customer has the ease to order from his/her office, workplace or any other location for that matter. He then orders food online from his favourite restaurant. The food is prepared in the restaurant. After this, it is handed over to the app delivery partner and delivered to the customer. There are numerous payment options to choose from.

The Pros:

The customer has the ease of ordering almost anything without going out.
There is no overcrowding at the restaurant.
Creates employment for the delivery partners
Online presence of small restaurant chains
The app earns by charging delivery commissions on customer and sale commission on the restaurant.
Hassle-free payments

Although there are many food delivery apps in the market, the few that have made it to the successful list are:


The company was founded in India. Fourteen countries in the world now have Zomato delivering them with great food. They had a  website as “Foodiebay” and an app over iOS and Android to review food and restaurants. The delivery division is a big bread earner today. 

Zomato's Logo  Best food delivery applications

In the earlier stages, the founders uploaded soft copies of menu cards on their website, which helped their office colleagues to order their menu faster and hassle-free. Hence, this routed traffic to their website, and hence they started doing it on a larger scale. Hence this definitely qualifies for the best food delivery applications in the world.


This is one of the best food delivery applications in the world. Apart from the fact that it provides a smooth user interface, this application gives many other perks. Firstly, it gives no minimum order criteria. Secondly, there is a feature where you get live tracking of your orders. Thirdly, they have record delivery timings. These facts help the millennials to connect easily with them.


Swiggy has brought delivery even in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. They give out great discounts and have also connected with many restaurants(both small and big). This gives users a large variety to choose from. Unlike any other application, they also have seamless transactions like credit cards, debit cards, UPI payments, and COD.

Uber Eats

Uber eats is the venture of the cab giant “Uber”. They have clubbed in the cab business with an exciting tool of food. Uber eats has tied up with a chain of restaurants. The delivery partners can deliver your food at any place which includes your Cab as well. They also have the features of live order tracking and online payments.

Uber Eats Promo Codes 2021
Uber Eats

Nevertheless, they are very particular with sanitization and proper temperature checks of their delivery partners. For Discount Use UberEats Promo Codes from here. Unlike other applications, Uber is trying to step up the game and is coming up with flying colors.

Food Panda

Food Panda is one of the oldest players in the industry. They have tie-ups with many restaurant chains and small kitchens and provide food delivery service. Hefty discounts and user-friendly experience are offered by this app. It also features live tracking of the customer’s order. Food Panda has its roots in numerous cities and is a life saviour for everyone hungry and needs to find food quickly.


The application is available over both iOS and Android. The app has a feature for its premium member, which is worth mentioning. If it doesn’t deliver food within 30 mins, then your order is free. Customer can choose from multiple cuisines. They have lightning fast delivery speed. Not to mention, they are also bundled with fabulous discounts to keep customers coming.


This application is a league apart from the regular food delivery apps. It is like a genie which makes wishes come true. You can hire a delivery partner and ask them to pick up and drop daily errands, food, groceries,  food for pets, etc. It even delivers charger left at home to your office which you forgot in a hurry. They provide hefty discount coupons and comfortable UI experience.


Grubhub gives you maximum user engagement. Firstly, it has tie-ups with the most number of restaurants. Secondly, it gives great offers and discounts. Thirdly, the user experience of the app is very smooth. It has a new feature that tells the customer about the Grubhub discounts going on around his location.


This is a pizza delivery application that belongs to the dominoes chain of restaurants. Use Dominos Coupons for free garlic bread online. Their promise is 30 minutes or free pizza. All pizza lovers prefer using this app for customizing their pizza. 

Eat Fit

In today’s generation of millennials, healthy food is often what we crave for. We have almost zero physical activities these days. Sitting in front of the laptop, the entire day causes many health issues. This app manages the same problem. It keeps us away from junk food and shows only healthy eating options. 

Pizza Hut

The app is customized for pizza delivery only by the chain of Pizza Hut. An order by the customer is placed at the nearest outlet. They make arrangements for the order to be prepared and delivered in 30 mins. Also, they give out live tracking and various other deals on their app exclusively.


In conclusion, we can sum up by saying that these applications are straightforward to use. The best food delivery applications in the world have been changing trends from time to time and have added numerous features to give their users a whole new experience. The daily orders are increasing in all major cities worldwide. At the same time, customers are enjoying meals in the comfort of their homes with the best food delivery applications in the world.

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